About Us

Appreciation for our unique and sensitive watershed is the common interest of the few permanent and many recreational residents that make up the community of Lac des Roches. Our community begins at the headwater of Muddy Lake and includes  Muddy Lake, little Lac Des Roches, Lac des Roches, Birch Lake and Phinetta Lake and all tributaries,  eventually flowing into the North Thompson River.  Our watershed straddles both the Cariboo and Thompson-Nicola Regional Districts, Region 3 and 5 Wildlife Management Units and 100 Mile House and Kamloops Forest Districts. Our society focuses on stewardship and communication across these boundaries and with various governing agencies.

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of this  society is to promote the  well being of the  Lac des Roches watershed through environmental stewardship activities and community initiatives.

What do we mean by “our watershed”?

The best explanation so far, is to imagine yourself in a boat in the middle of Lac des Roches. Every thing that you can see, from the tops of the hills down, is our watershed.