Crazy weather, Nov & Dec

Like most of western Canada, we too are seeing the effects of crazy weather. The cold snap in November froze all of the lakes in the area…except big Lac des Roches…again. ¬†Shallow and protected bays, and of course the channel to Little Lac des Roches froze in November, but not the east or west main lake. While there were a few nights where large sheets of clear ice developed, they were quickly gone with the help of strong winds the next day. ¬†Like last year, the significant wind storms took its toll on trees everywhere. The forest was particularly hard hit as there are so many dead or distressed trees out there. The stock and game trails in some areas are pretty well impassable for the animals although the hiking ladies seem to find their way through even the most tangled messes, but only once. Their trail rating system goes to 5 for “we won’t go there again”. For the last week, temperatures are more normal and the reprieve from the extreme winds have allowed the big lake to finally freeze over and the snow has accumulated enough in the hills to make sledding possible on established trails.