Important Safety and Security Information

Due to the Regional boundary dissecting Lac des Roches, there have been instances of confusion for the dispatch of emergency services. Typically, residents of the east end of Lac des Roches and Birch Lake, which are in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD), will be serviced from Clearwater. The residents of the central and west end of Lac des Roches and Little Lac des Roches, which are in the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) will be serviced out of 100 Mile House.

Both the Cariboo Regi0oal District and the Thompson-Nicola Regional District provide free emergency alert notification services.  This is easy to subscribe to on their websites.

TNRD       Register for Emergency Alerts – Thompson-Nicola Regional District (

CRD          Emergency Notification System – Cariboo Regional District (

The Watershed Society is not in a position to enforce or even report on some watershed issues.   We see our role as a resource and advocate group.  Residents are encouraged to report any troubling incidents or events to the following agencies.

RCMP non emergency                                          1-250-395-2456  in 100 Mile House

Conservation Service (RAPP )                            1-877-952-7277

Service Canada (boating issues)                        1-800-622-6232

By-Law Complaints (Property and Noise)

CRD                                    1-800-665-1636 in Williams Lake

TNRD                                1-250-377-8673 in Kamloops

Road Hazards                                                              1-800-842-4122


Call 911 for a security emergency.  The diligence of neighbours watching out for neighbours is our best security service.  The Rural Crime Watch and COPS (Citizens On Patrol) are programs which are available to rural areas.


Call 911 for a medical emergency.  Many members of the Interlakes Volunteer Fire Department are trained as First Responders, and  if available, will likely arrive prior to the ambulance and paramedics.

Residential Fire

Call 911 for a fire emergency. Only the CRD portion of the watershed is serviced by the three fire halls of the Interlakes Volunteer Fire Department.    Funding for the fire department is calculated as part of annual property taxes.   They are always looking for new volunteers, even seasonal residents.

Forest Fire

To report a forest fire, call 1-800-663-5555. In addition to the information you are able to give about the size, type and approximate location of the fire, we have learned that land coordinates assist the spotter planes that are dispatched from elsewhere in the province. As a guideline, Eagle Island in the middle of Lac des Roches is at 51° 28′ N, 120° 34′ W.

Power Outage

Since Lac des Roches is at the “end of the line” and our electricity demands are minimal, a power outage isolated to our area may not be detected by B.C. Hydro. Residents should report all power outages as per the criteria and instructions of B.C. Hydro at 1-888-769-3766. Extensive power outages that last more than 2 days can affect the land line phone service on the Bridge Lake Exchange (593) as the switch has limited battery backup in the event of a power outage.  The Telus cell tower provides the needed alternative of full cellular service to our area.