Wildlife Report 2017

In spite of the unusual weather this past year, wildlife sightings around the area have been fairly-predictable. Reports of fox, coyote, moose, bear, cougar, badger and many deer roaming our neighbourhoods.

The annual Breeding Bird Survey, an event that takes place all over North America sponsored by the Audubon Society and Bird Studies Canada, is conducted in June every year. Along with the usual songbirds that nest in the Cariboo year after year, we always tag a few surprises – this year we discovered Gray Catbirds and Veerys active on our route.

The Canadian Lakes Loon Survey is conducted from May through August- September, also sponsored by Bird Studies Canada. The high lake levels in June had a negative influence on Loon re-production. No success at the west one-half of the big lake. The far east half 3 young loons were observed in different places, however we were unable to confirm if they reached maturity in order to migrate. The two young loons on the little lake did reach maturity. The remains of one of the adult pair was found dead on the south side of the lake. The Bald Eagles at the west end of the lake raised two eaglets this year so a likely possibility is  that they were responsible.

So far throughout fall, the usual feeder birds are showing up in normal numbers. A few surprises include American Goldfinches being observed along with Pine Siskin flocks. We observed roughly 10-12 Trumpeter Swans in early November on the lake, resting on their long migration south. We have already heard one species of owl, the Great-horned Owl hooting in the night, with more to come!

The annual Christmas Bird Count is scheduled for Dec 16th this year. Everyone is welcome to participate on this fun outing! We reported 20 species last year – call Wendy for details. (250) 593-2327.