Loon Watch 2005

The Canadian Lakes Loon Survey has come to a close for the season. The results for Lac des Roches were rather disappointing for 2005. None of the established 10 pair of loons on the big lake were successful in rearing young. The high water in June played its toll on nesting attempts. The one or two large eggs are easily washed out of the low-lying nest from the wake of boats venturing too close to shorelines. In some instances the water level simply rose to drown the eggs. The resident pair occupying the little lake did successfully raise two young loons, as always. Their first nest failed however, they managed a second attempt in a different location and succeeded! This pair are especially good parents … over a 10 year period that I have been monitoring, only once did they not raise at least one chick – usually two. If any of you are interested in getting involved with this monitoring process, please give me a call. The observations begin in May and end in late August. I don’t think we have anyone monitoring on Birch Lake presently. The CLLS is also a Bird Studies Canada project.