Cougar sighted March 14, 2022

A large cougar was spotted on the driveway of a property between the big and Little Lac des Roches at dusk Monday evening. No reports of incidents, but be aware of your family and your pets when you live on the edge of a wilderness.


Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 22, 2021 at 4pm. The location is the Lac des Roches Access #7 Boat Launch. Bring a chair. See you there!

Dec 7, No Ice

There is no ice on most of Lac des Roches although Little Lac des Roches has thin ice. A few people are ice fishing but not all the residents are comfortable walking out there yet. Many lakes in the area are iced over and providing the usual winter playground experience. Stay safe!

Logging expected – in our backyard

Although not yet 100% confirmed, all evidence points to a planned aspen harvest on the hillside west of the Telus tower down to Highway 24 by Norbord within a year. This particular cut block was identified in a consolidated forestry plan created in 2002, then by Ainsworth. Aspen is harvested for the OSB plant in 100 Mile House. The harvesting process has begun as the surveyor’s flagging was put up during the week of Dec 7 when it was discovered by a local hiker. The flagged “block boundary” was chosen as the ladies’ Sunday hike last week to gain more information about its size and location and the GPS route the ladies recorded on their trek is shown below in yellow. The perimeter totals about 6 kilometers and the logging area appears to be just larger than the area of Little Lac des Roches. In keeping with the Cariboo Chilcotin Land Use Plan, the visual impact of the block seems minimal from the McDonald Rest Stop. In fact, it appears that few lake residences will have a line of site to most of the cut block. It will however, be very noticeable from the lake and in full view of highway travellers, particularly as they crest the west hill (known as Angus Hill), eastbound from Bridge Lake. Local outdoor enthusiasts will realize, this block covers several kilometers of well-used game, stock, and ORV trails which will likely be inaccessible during the harvesting project. While there has yet to be an application for a cutting permit or access road permit, evidently that process can move fairly quickly.

McCarthy Clearcut
Newly flagged aspen cut block above Lac des Roches.


Beware, the official ice-on date for big Lac des Roches is December 20th. While there was ice covering the all the water west of Eagle Island, all the way to Access #7, there was still open water across from Peaceful Cove at the east end prior to Dec 20th. The ice thickens fairly quickly but the natural springs will contribute to hundreds of thin spots until there is a build-up of ice from below, more like a foot deep. A resident measured 4 1/2 inches of ice in front of his cabin on Boultbee Road on December 20. Little Lac des Roches on the other hand, has supported ice fishers for the last month and was a play ground for snowmobiles just today, December 22. The ice will likely be safe for play between Christmas and New Year’s, but as always, users need to use extreme caution this early in the ice development process and …”if in doubt, don’t go out”.

Open water could be seen Dec 15 from Access #7.
Open water could be seen Dec 15 from Access #7.